Thursday, August 22, 2013

St Coleman in Ardmore PA group consecrated August 15

By Leader: Ann-Marie Altomare

Our newly ordained Deacon, Deacon John Rodgers joined us throughout the 6 weeks and led one of the 3 groups.  We had 37 people coming each week and split into 3 small groups during the discussion sessions.  It was life changing for many parishioners and all were very thankful and enjoyed the retreat. Consecration day was August 15th.

This was a couple from our parish that did the 33 Days to Morning Glory together. We had about 6 or 7 couples from our parish St. Colman's doing it.

We all went to mass for the Feast of the Assumption and said the Consecration prayers together after mass and joined in a shared dish meal and watched the last video.  It was beautiful.  Our pastor Fr. James Sherlock joined us and Deacon John Rodgers. It was a blessing for our Parish!

Thank you for all of  your help in supplying us with books and materials!

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