Saturday, September 8, 2012

St. Raphael Consecration

Today our St. Raphael Catholic Church group consecrated to Jesus through Mary, after the 8 am mass for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated by our pastor, Fr. Tim Sherwood. Praise be Jesus Christ for the gift of Mary and this beautiful consecration!

Those who consecrated: Jeannette Abramo, Terry Hamm, Cheri Mainetti, Addys Sasserath, Ursula Abner, Susan Ugan, Mary Stoff, Debby Reidy, Celeste Brown, Carol Irwin, Van Rourke, Lynn Denson, Marja Beaufait, Lisa Richard, Julie Musselman, Michelle Mosely.  Denise Debord, Joan Grayson, Maggie Moren, Bernadette Bailey, Louise Barrett, Susan O'Gara

Also consecrating at home was John Abramo 

Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

From: Saint of the Day by Franciscan Media                          September 08, 2012
Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

The Church has celebrated Mary's birth since at least the sixth century. A September birth was chosen because the Eastern Church begins its Church year with September. The September 8 date helped determine the date for the feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8 (nine months earlier).Scripture does not give an account of Mary's birth. However, the apocryphalProtoevangelium of James fills in the gap. This work has no historical value, but it does reflect the development of Christian piety.

According to this account, Anna and Joachim are infertile but pray for a child. They receive the promise of a child that will advance God's plan of salvation for the world. Such a story (like many biblical counterparts) stresses the special presence of God in Mary's life from the beginning.

St. Augustine connects Mary's birth with Jesus' saving work. He tells the earth to rejoice and shine forth in the light of her birth. "She is the flower of the field from whom bloomed the precious lily of the valley. Through her birth the nature inherited from our first parents is changed." The opening prayer at Mass speaks of the birth of Mary's Son as the dawn of our salvation and asks for an increase of peace.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 33 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Putting it all together

As Fr. Gaitley rightly points out, we probably haven't begun to put all this together, but Mary will allow this to unfold in our lives at the proper time.

Please do meditate on the consecration prayers  and make a good confession if you can.

Tomorrow is our Glorious New Day of Consecration. Please meet at St. Raphael's Catholic Church for the 8 am mass Saturday Sept 8, 2012. Immediately after mass, those who wish to consecrate will go to the tabernacle chapel and we will do so together. Then those who are CCW can adjourn to breakfast and meeting.

Lastly, if this book and consecration has touched you, would you consider leading a group? Next date to start would be Oct 19, consecrating on Nov 21. It is simple and I can help you. Please consider saying yes, and email me at

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fr. Michael Gaitly to speak at Lighthouse Catholic Media Annual Conference

Fr. Michael Gaitley will be speaking at this year's Lighthouse Catholic Media annual conference Oct 11, 2012. If you would like to attend the annual conference held at the Mundeleine Seminary outside Chicago Il, please contact me at 


Here Fr. Gaitley's bio:


Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC

Director of the Association of Marian Helpers

Stockbridge, Mass.

Father Michael Gaitley, MIC, is a member of the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. Prior to his ordination to the priesthood, he received a Masters Degree in Theology and a Licentiate Degree in Moral Theology.

After his ordination to the priesthood, Fr. Michael succeeded Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, as the director of the Association of Marian Helpers, a spiritual benefit society with more than 1,000,000 members. As director, he has launched a new pastoral initiative called Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs for the New Evangelization (HAPP). 

He is also author of the best-selling books,Consoling the Heart of Jesus and 33 Days to Morning Glory, which are published by Marian Press. He frequently appears on EWTN and preaches retreats throughout the country on topics such as Divine Mercy, Consoling spirituality, and Marian Consecration.

When he is not preaching missions and retreats, Fr. Michael lives and works on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Mass., home of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

Day 32 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Review and Synthesis
Blessed Pope John Paul II

The three words to remember and consider for JP2 are: Mother, Entrust-acration and Mercy.

Mary as Mother is easy enough to understand but what is meant by "Entrust-acration?"

The heart response of taking Mary into our lives/homes is to entrust ourselves to her. But Mary doesn't just let us rest there. She takes us to her son and consecrates us to Christ. So this is a mixed word for Entrusting ourselves to Consecration, Entrust-acration.

Mercy. The huge part of the papacy of Pope John Paul was to explain and promote the message of Divine Mercy. Again, Mary is the one who best leads us to the Divine Mercy of her son. As we receive mercy for our own sins, we can then extend mercy to those who have hurt us.

Get ready! Tomorrow we put it all together and make our Consecration Saturday. Please try to get to confession before you Consecrate, so that all the more blessings flow!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 31 of 33 Days to Morning Gloy

Review and Synthesis
Mother Teresa

How wonderful it is that today, Sept 5 is Blessed Mother Teresa's real feast day!

The three words to reflect on today are: Thirst, Heart and Coveneant.

Here is a biography of Mother Teresa from Saint of the Day:

mother_teresaMother Teresa of Calcutta, the tiny woman recognized throughout the world for her work among the poorest of the poor, was beatified October 19, 2003. Among those present were hundreds of Missionaries of Charity, the Order she founded in 1950 as a diocesan religious community. Today the congregation also includes contemplative sisters and brothers and an order of priests.

Born to Albanian parents in what is now Skopje, Macedonia (then part of the Ottoman Empire), Gonxha (Agnes) Bojaxhiu was the youngest of the three children who survived. For a time, the family lived comfortably, and her father's construction business thrived. But life changed overnight following his unexpected death.

During her years in public school Agnes participated in a Catholic sodality and showed a strong interest in the foreign missions. At age 18 she entered the Loreto Sisters of Dublin. It was 1928 when she said goodbye to her mother for the final time and made her way to a new land and a new life. The following year she was sent to the Loreto novitiate in Darjeeling, India. There she chose the name Teresa and prepared for a life of service. She was assigned to a high school for girls in Calcutta, where she taught history and geography to the daughters of the wealthy. But she could not escape the realities around her—the poverty, the suffering, the overwhelming numbers of destitute people.

In 1946, while riding a train to Darjeeling to make a retreat, Sister Teresa heard what she later explained as “a call within a call. The message was clear. I was to leave the convent and help the poor while living among them.” She also heard a call to give up her life with the Sisters of Loreto and, instead, to “follow Christ into the slums to serve him among the poorest of the poor.”

After receiving permission to leave Loreto, establish a new religious community and undertake her new work, she took a nursing course for several months. She returned to Calcutta, where she lived in the slums and opened a school for poor children. Dressed in a white sari and sandals (the ordinary dress of an Indian woman) she soon began getting to know her neighbors—especially the poor and sick—and getting to know their needs through visits.

The work was exhausting, but she was not alone for long. Volunteers who came to join her in the work, some of them former students, became the core of the Missionaries of Charity. Other helped by donating food, clothing, supplies, the use of buildings. In 1952 the city of Calcutta gave Mother Teresa a former hostel, which became a home for the dying and the destitute. As the Order expanded, services were also offered to orphans, abandoned children, alcoholics, the aging and street people.

For the next four decades Mother Teresa worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor. Her love knew no bounds. Nor did her energy, as she crisscrossed the globe pleading for support and inviting others to see the face of Jesus in the poorest of the poor. In 1979 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. On September 5, 1997, God called her home.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 30 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Review and Synthesis
Mary appeared to St Maximilian Kolbe when he was 12 yrs old at the parish church in Pabianice, Poland and offered him the white crown of chastity and the red crown of martyrdom - he chose both crowns
St. Maximilian Kolbe

The three words to contemplate for St. Maximilian Kolbe are:
Mystery, Militia and Love

Mystery-we think about the Holy Spirit being the UNcreated Immaculate Conception and Mary the created Immaculate Conception

Militia- St. Maximilian didn't want to just be one person consecrated to Mary, he wanted an army or militia of many to be in her service

Love-We will fall more and more in love with Mary when we experience her tender maternal care for us as we consecrate and give ourselves to her.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 29 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Review and synthesis
St. Louis de Monfort

These final days before consecration we will review what we have learned so far with just three words each day.  For St. Louis de Montfort the three words are: Passion, Baptism and Gift.

We learned that St. Louis' natural passion was turned into zeal for the faith. To increase our zeal, we fly to Mary. Her spouse the Holy Spirit will then will us with fire.

At our baptism we became part of the body of Christ. But it is Mary who helps us grow in that baptismal grace. She always leads us to Christ so that we no longer live but Christ lives within us.

If we give ourselves to Mary we will receive the incredible gift of herself and takes us quickly and completely to Jesus.

Here is a great talk by Fr. Lance Harlow about True Devotion to Mary.
You can receive it by MP3 or CD, just CLICK HERE!

From the CD sleeve:
The intercession of our Blessed Mother is especially important for our troubled times. St. Louis de Montfort's classic work on Marian consecration, True Devotion to Mary, provides a well-trod path to the profound graces that the Lord offers through Mary's prayers for those who trust in her intercession. In this presentation, Fr. Lance Harlow offers clear and insightful commentary drawn from the Saint's text to help explain this consecration to Jesus through Mary and the spiritual effects one can expect. This will greatly benefit all who are interested in Marion consecration.
The intercession of the Blessed Mother is especially important for our troubled times. in this presentation, Fr. Lance Harlow offers clear and insightful commentary drawn from St. Louis de Monfort's classic work True Devotion to Mary to help explain the consecration to Jesus through Mary, and the profound graces that the Lord offers through Mary's prayers for those who trust in her intercession. This will greatly benefit all who are interested in Marian consecration.
Click Here to get a copy of this talk about True Devotion.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 28 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Marian Entrustment (part 2)

Today we learn of the connection between Mary and Divine Mercy. Pope John Paul visited Fatima after recovering from the assassination  attempt. While there he entrusted the world to Mary. He said that consecrating ourselves to Mary "means accepting her help to offer ourselves and the whole world of mankind to the infinitely Holy God" (pg 103.) This means bringing the whole world to Divine Mercy through Mary.

This is our last reflection of the week with Blessed Pope John Paul the Great. Tomorrow we start a review as we directly prepare for consecration on September 8, the Feast of Mary's Nativity.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 27 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Marian Entrustment (Part 1)

Pope John Paul teaches us that when we take the Mary "into our homes" as St. John, the beloved disciple did at the foot of the cross, we are entrusting ourselves to her. This underscore the main message of consecrating to Jesus through Mary.

Jesus first entrusted His life to her at the annunciation and then throughout His hidden life. (pg101)
It is because Mary is so close to Christ that we should get close to her.
--Julie Musselman

love your blog. I am so glad I am able to take a peek at what this book is about. I know I am going to love doing this retreat.  Thanks for sharing.
God bless you and your family abundantly!