Consoler Principle and Foundation

After doing the Consoling the Heart of Jesus retreat, Fr. Gaitley recommends that monthly you renew the Consoler Principle and Foundation. I do this by setting a reminder on my google calendar, based on the date of my birth, June 6. So the 6th of each month, I post this prayer and that makes it easy to remember.

I, ________________ on this day ________, choose as my principal and foundation to console the heart of Jesus. 

Dear Jesus, relying on your grace and the prayers of Mary and of all the angels and saints, I will strive to keep before my eyes the deep sorrow of your heart and respond, with Mary, by consoling you in the following two ways:

First, I will give you my trust. Jesus, I trust in you. I will try not to be afraid of going to You as I am (ecce), even when my sins and weaknesses weigh heavily upon me. With an open heart, I choose to accept your mercy (fiat), even all the mercy other souls reject. Finally, I will do my best to praise and thank you in all things (magnificat), even when you give me the privilege of sharing in your Cross. 
Second, I will strive to show mercy to my neighbor through my deeds, words, and prayers, remembering that by consoling others, I am also consoling you. 
Heavenly Father, for the sake of the sorrowful passion of your Son, I beg you: Send forth your Holy Spirit to help me fulfill this choice.

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