Friday, August 5, 2016

Consoling the Heart of Jesus Retreats hosted this summer

Fr. Gaitley's Consoling the Heart of JesusA group of 21journeyed through Fr. Michael Gaitley's retreat Consoling the Heart of Jesus at St. Mark's parish in New York. Organizer Theresa Piekut writes: "the people were so grateful, they kept thanking me and saying how sad it was that it was over. A few will continue to meet after Wednesday mass to further discuss the book."
The group is pictured around a brownie cupcake rosary!

Most small groups like the group above, go through the Consoling retreat over 10 weeks, using Fr. Gaitley's videos, a retreat companion (workbook) and the book Consoling the Heart of Jesus. Fr. Gaitley also provides a way to go through the entire book in a weekend! See pages 24-26 of Consoling the Heart of Jesus for the schedule.

This past July a group of 10 souls in Wisconsin went through Consoling the Heart of Jesus as a weekend retreat over the course of 2 weekends. They began Friday night of the first weekend, reading pages 17-46 and watching Fr. Gaitley's video "Laying the Foundation." Saturday beginning at 9 am they continued reading and watching videos as well as having group discussions, confession, mass and adoration until 6 pm.

The second weekend they met again Friday night, covered pages 108-127, and on Saturday pages 127-195, again including adoration, discussions and videos.

Their priest Fr. Kizewski gave the retreat "two thumbs up."