33 Days in Schools

We have had a growing number of schools participate in the 33 Days to Morning Glory Consecration.

Charlotte NC high schoolers consecrate annually.:

Holy Cross School  Batavia, IL consecrated and sent up a rosary of balloons on consecration day: 

Priest from St. Raphael School in St Petersburg, recorded a weekly youtube video and one of the moms did a daily email with the prayer and a picture, we captured them all here
They also created signs to put in car line and around the school property that say the daily prayers:

CLICK HERE for a PDF print out of dates.

Begin:                          Consecrate:           Feast Day:
January 9                  February 11            Our Lady of Lourdes
February 20              March 25                 Annunciation
April 5                        May 8                  Our Lady of Luj√°n (Argentina)
April 10                       May 13                     Our Lady of Fatima
April 19                      May 24     Mary Help of Christians
April 28                       May 31                      Visitation
varies                         varies                Immaculate Heart of Mary
May 25                      June 27                Our Lady of Perpetual Help
June 13                        July 16                    Our Lady of Mount Carmel
July 13                         August 15                Assumption
July 20                        August 22              Queenship of Mary
August 6                      September 8           Nativity of Mary
August 10                    September 12         Holy Name of Mary
August 13                     September 14        Our Lady of Sorrows
September 4                   October 7                 Our Lady of the Rosary     October 17                  November 19       Our Lady of Divine Providence
October 19                      November 21           Presentation of Mary
October 25              November 27       Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
November 5                   December 8             Immaculate Conception 
November 9                    December 12         Our Lady of Guadalupe 
November 29                 January 1               Mary Mother of God
December 31                  February 2         Presentation of Our Lord         
 December 31           February 2            Our Lady of Good Success     

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