Sunday, August 18, 2013

St Anastasia group consecrates on the Feast of the Assumption

Sue Kuyawa facilitated a group of 20 women from  St. Anastasia in Fort Pierce, Florida using Fr. Michael Gaitley's 33 Days to Morning Glory book, Retreat Companion and DVDs.  Sue writes that the entire experience from beginning to end was "absolutely beautiful in every way."  She's looking forward to doing another group soon.  Possibly 3-5 people from the group will go on to host small groups of their own.
The  picture at left, is just some group who consecrated after the Vigil Mass on Wednesday night August 14; there were others from the group that consecrated at the Thursday morning Mass August 15 

To Jesus through Mary!

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  1. A fantastic retreat!
    The end of June I had been lamenting to my spriritual director about how unorganized I have been in my prayer life. She gave me the retreat and said this is what I need to get back to an order in my prayer. I read the introduction and figured out what day would be best to consecrate myself. Of course it was to be the Feast of the Assumption. Long story short, Mary has been with me my entire life. As a child, she helped me sleep. As an adult, she has given me hope that my daily work has not been in vain. In 2005 satan had turned my world upside down. I was fired from a position I thought I was made for. Misreading the relationship, I had used a work contact for personal gain. I fell hard from grace and was incredibly embaressed. I found the first job I could that that turned out to be a huge mistake. I began to look for new work after two months in my position. On the Feast I went to a local parish for the Holy Day mass and was given such incredible graces of hope that I was not surpirsed when I was offered a new position and was able to give my notice that day. It was incredible. That was probably the first part of my official consecration. Having this retreat during my vacation that took me to Greece and Turkey with my husband was a continued grace from Mother Mary as the Turks call her. Being in Ephesus for a second time so close to her Feast, I wept in joy of having her all to myself for a few moments before the rest of the tour arrived. I felt like a little piece of her was with me from Ephesus when I consecrated myself last Thursday.
    Thank you for this fantastic book. I have been using it daily.
    God bless you and thanks again!