33 Days Audio Podcast

We are excited to partner with Mary Graham the host of the internet radio show Living Witnesses to bring you 33 Days to Morning Glory audio!

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Julie Musselman, Mary Graham and Marybeth Finster

Each day for 33 Days Mary Graham and guests read the daily readings from Fr. Michael Gaitley's 33 Days to Morning Glory book, discuss the reflection questions from the 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat Companion and share REAL LIFE with you as we prepare to consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary.

Join Mary Graham along with guests Julie Musselman,  Marybeth Finster, Michelle Pocaro and two of the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy, Adam and Marcus,  as we journey 33 Days to Morning Glory.
Julie Musselman, Fr. Kevin Mackin, OFM, Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC and Mary Beth Finster

Michelle Porcaro
Fr. Gaitley, left, and the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy from their Divine Mercy Tour Aug/Sept 2014

Feedback from Podcast Listeners:
Hello Ladies... I just wanted to say I am thankful for both of you today!  I am SO enjoying the 33 days podcast. I love the conversational way that I am able to hear the book and understand and contemplate the meaning of this consecration. I love to see a glimpse of what Jesus sees.  What a wonderful evangelization tool! I can't wait for the next study consoling the heart of Jesus. I am counting you both as wonderful blessings in my life!  Happy thanksgiving!
💗, Amy, St Pete FL

When my friend asked me to do this consecration with her I wondered how I would be able to fit this into my hectic schedule.

With prayer and devotion we started our journey.  Every single day was a bright new learning experience on the devotion to our beloved Mother Mary.  Some days it was too hectic to read but with your blog and podcast it made it feel so real as if we were in a group together as a family.  Each day I found myself reading before going to bed but during my working hours I would listen to your podcast.  While I was listening at work I noticed that my co-workers would come into my office when they heard your voice.  They all began gathering around my desk to listen.  Then I noticed that as I went to the church to pray about 3pm my co workers were coming with me which didn't happen before.  You were leading them to Christ with your consecration messaging.  Next month we are all doing the 33 days to Morning Glory together as part of a team building challenge.  I know that I was just the middle man but what a beautiful experience.
Blessings to you and all you do,

Michele, Winter Haven,FL 

Thank you for turning me on to the 33 Days to Morning Glory podcasts! I listen everyday and have shared the site with our home study group of 20++ as well as my friends in other consecration circles. One senior citizen has been distributing the 33 Days book to all her Catholic friends!  I am visiting in Northern Virginia with my family and shared it with the parish priest, who just happens to be the son of friends from my home parish St. Stephen in Valrico, Florida....Holy Spirit moment! He is unfamiliar with the program, but I will give him the workbook and DVD so he can start a study at St. Ambrose. Again, thank you for your inspirations...please thank the Marys (Graham and Finster)!-Jeanne, Valrico FL

"I just finished day one of the podcasts and I am so move that my friend shared this with me. I feel that generosity and zeal already working in me. So excited and can't wait till tomorrows day 2." -Edna

"This is so exciting!" -Maryanne, Oklahoma

"Everywhere I go, 33 Days is on peoples lips! Today at Magnificat  my table was talking about it. God is doing marvelous things!" -Claudia, St. Pete, FL

"Thanks so much for sending this, I just started my 2nd consecration.  I will definitely pass it on to others I have given the book to." -Christen, Illinois

"Thank you!  I will share this with my Bible study group."  -Amelia

"This is so wonderful.  I have forwarded this a number of our participants in the Advent retreat and suggested that they e-mail you to get on the list to receive these reflections." -Elizabeth, MO

"Thanks so much!  What a blessing you are"  -Valerie, Tampa, FL

"Enjoying your podcast for 33 Days to MG! Great job there and many great insights." - Bonnie, St Petersburg , FL

I feel I have become friends with you gals, walking me threw the 33 days  God bless -Janet Gunnersville, AL

I have been walking through the 33 Days of Morning Glory with you and the other Marys via the podcast!  Thanks for sharing your inspirations!  This consecration has a whole new dimension to my covenant with Mary and Jesus!!! --Jeanne, Lithia FL 

I feel like I kind of know you already because of the podcasts on Living Witnesses with Mary Graham for 33 Days to Morning Glory!  I've been consecrated since December 8, 2012, but I renew every few months either with the traditional St. Louis Preparation or with Fr. Michael Gaitley's book. Those podcasts really helped me to make my best Consecration experience ever this past March 25. --Rachel, Belize

I've just completed my consecration to Jesus through Mary (December 12, 2015). Your podcasts were very helpful and made me feel like I wasn't going through the journey by myself. Thank you for everything you do for our Lord and our Lady and our Church.I am looking forward to following you again during the Consoling the Heart of Jesus retreat.

-Peggy Pauley, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Crestline, Ohio

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