Thursday, April 21, 2016

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask People To Lead!

Almost everyone who goes through a Hearts Afire retreat wants to do something to share it with another. Today we got a wonderful email from Saundra who challenges us to ask people to join the retreat and ask people to lead the retreat.

"I participated in the 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat at work and loved it.  Since then, it has been on my heart to pass this message onto other people.  I just happened to ask a small group that was looking for something new at our church.  So, I met with them and they all agreed to participate in the 6-week retreat. 

So, we will begin on May 5th and I will be a "Facilitator In Training" so I can facilitate the retreat to our other two linked parishes after our small group completes this program for the first time.  My advice:  Please don't be afraid to ask people if they would like to participate in this retreat because you might be surprised of their answer.  Never did I think that I would be involved in this retreat again.  Thank you Father Gaitley.  You're the best!!!!"
-Saundra - East Syracuse, NY

If' you've been thinking about offering this retreat- just say YES! Hearts Afire is simple to lead and offer. The first retreat, 33 Days to Morning Glory is just 6 weeks long. You can host just a couple people in your home, or offer it parish wide. We've got Parish Consultants who can encourage you and offer tips- Just call us at 877-200-4277. Learn more HERE.