Friday, September 26, 2014

33 Days to Morning Glory available to Parishes in Bulk with FREE SHIPPING

33 Days to Morning Glory is available with super low bulk pricing for parishes for 500 books or more and now FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States, through December 19.

The book is available in English and Spanish

Imagine giving a copy of this amazing book to EVERY ONE at your parish this advent or on Christmas!

Then invite all those who receive the book, to join a consecration group at your parish in January or February. What a great way to enliven the faith of your faithful and bring in those who have been away from the faith.

Our Lady is truly building an army. I am working with groups all over the United States and this book and parish program is changing LIVES. Let me help your parish get started!

Just contact me for pricing details:
Julie Musselman
Available in Spanish too!

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