Monday, May 11, 2015

Planting Morning Glory flower seeds while preparing for consecration

From Maggie Smith who is in a small group at Christ the King Parish in Tampa, FL:

I was at Home Depot thinking how our hearts can often be just like hard little seeds with an impenetrable sheath, but if we plant them in fertile ground, water and provide sunlight, a beautiful, beautiful flower begins to grow. So too can our hearts and souls grwo when we provide the right nourishment. 
 I decided to plant some Morning Glory seeds as we go through the 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat at our parish.  I like looking outside and thinking we are all growing right along with them:)  I also like having the visual reminder of what I personally hope to accomplish with this retreat.
We passed around the packets at our small group meeting.  It's a very small gesture but they seemed to like it and I think it makes a great point.

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