Thursday, May 2, 2013

See Fr. Leatherby explain how consecration to Jesus through Mary is bringing many souls to adoration and daily mass!

Fr. Leatherby is lighting a fire at his parish. Check out the YouTube to see how!
Fr. Jeremy Leatherby pastor of  Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sacramento, CA explains how consecrating to Jesus through Mary has really jump started the faith and devotion of his parishioners. When he offered the consecration, he hoped 10-20 people would show up and over 250 came! On March 25 almost 300 souls consecrated. Two weeks later perpetual adoration started up at the parish! Daily Mass attendance has increased as well.

Does you parish need a jump start?

Consecration to Jesus through Mary is the surest, easiest, most perfect way, according to St. Louis de Montfort.

Please contact me today to get a group started in your parish!

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