Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Can YOU start a small group in your home or parish?

The next 33 Days to Morning Glory start date is February 21. People from all over our country are raving about this simple 6 week retreat and the amazing impact it has on their lives:

Fr Ron Haft from Ohio says "The 33 Days to Morning Glory Consecration has helped me grow personally in my faith and draw closer to Jesus. It has also born fruit for our parish. I pray the same will occur for you."

Marge from Indiana says "33 Days to Morning Glory is very inspirational. I loved it! It came at a good time in my life and gave me strength through my husband's illness and death. Although I always prayed to the Blessed Virgin, I know her better now."

CLICK HERE for more testimonies

Would YOU be willing to lead a group of friends, neighbors or family members in a small group in your home or at your parish? 

If you say yes (or even maybe) I can help!

All the directions you need to start can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

Materials are inexpensive, total cost for a group of 6 is approximately $160 plus shipping (less than $30 each)

Fr. Michael Gaitley
Groups meet weekly for 6 weeks, and the daily home reading is just 2 pages a day. Reflecting on the retreat companion questions is done at home and/or in groups.

Fr. Michael Gaitley has recorded 6 lectures in his down to earth, humorous style! All you need to do is "press play."

I need YOU to help us spread Marian Consecration to your friends or parish. Will you say YES?

Just email me at jkmuss@gmail.com to find out more

Group of friends that met in a home for a consecration Group last Summer 2015 in St. Pete FLA

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