Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hearts Afire retreatant writes poem

From Mr. Michael Gates to Fr. Michael Gaitley

I wasn’t much of a poem writer prior to saying the rosary and studying Mary and learning more from Fr. Michael Gaitley.   However I am now reading The One Thing is Three and really like it a lot!  Just received a prompting to send this poem that I was inspired to write his way.  

Trust you know you’re a solid channel by which the Holy Spirit to flow through - keep up the great work my friend!  Thank You!

What's so amazing about three
since the foundation of time?
Beginning, Middle and End, 
human search for the divine?

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 
the blessed Trinity
Lord, giver of Life, 
crucified on Calvary.

Time, Space and Matter, 
third rock from the Sun, 
Three wise men bearing gifts,
let thy will be done.

Past, present and future,
Faith, Hope and Love, 
Solid, Liquid, Gas, 
all gifts from above.

Heat, oxygen, and fuel, 
three elements needed for fire. 
One transcendent experience, 
consubstantial with desire.

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient, 
forever and eternally,
through him, with him and in him, 
He wills we become Holy.

Mr. Michael Gates  grew up Catholic and attends Nativity Parish in Leawood, KS 

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