Monday, September 14, 2015

Long Island NY group gives feedback on Consoling the Heart of Jesus retreat

Theresa, a facilitator for Consoling the Heart of Jesus received this lovely note from one of the people in her 10 week home group:
Thank you for inviting me to take part in this beautiful retreat. I was happy to attend the weeks of the retreat. I'm glad that you took a lot of information and spread it out over the course of many weeks (10). The pace was very relaxed and I didn't really feel overwhelmed at all in keeping up with the material.I thought it was put together exceptionally well. 
That Fr. Gaitley is really a brilliant guy and a wonderful author. I really enjoyed 'visiting with him' through the video presentation. He feels like a family member now. Also, the way he would go over things from the week before and then explain the stuff for this was all very good. 

 I was worried about grasping the concepts of the retreat, the understanding part. You go around too many corners and inevitably I will be caught behind the crowd in one of them. The information is deep...and between the book, the video, the learning aid and YOU, helping to clarify the concepts, I feel like I absorbed 90% of what was going on. AND...the lovely thing is this: the APPENDIX, which is just STUFFED with stuff will keep me reading on and learning. 
"I never knew that Jesus was happy with so little from me, just to keep company with him and to long to visit him." This is truly a relationship that we have with the Lord....a friendship. Just think of what friends do and YOU ARE THERE." 

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and being beside me as I walk through this life. Please bless my work,  I love you Lord.

Liz, Wading River, NY  

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