Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jacksonville, FL groups make it all the way through Hearts Afire retreats

St Joseph Catholic Church in Jacksonville, FL has led several groups through all of the Hearts Afire retreats. Beginning with 33 Days to Morning Glory, going on to Consoling the Heart of Jesus and finishing with Wisdom and Works of Mercy, this parish now boast many parishioners who are formed and ready to do works of mercy.

The group that just finished Wisdom and Works of Mercy is the second group with 15 members that made it through all three retreats and finished on Sept 5. This is the group that will meet on Oct 10 to choose a work of mercy.
The first group of  of 7 members that finished all three retreats in March. They are already put into place their work of mercy that of spiritual motherhood for priests. They are using the book Praying for Priests by Kathleen Beckman. You can learn more about praying for priests at:

The third group just finished 33 Days in June and consecrated on the Immaculate Hear of Mary feast day, June 13. They will begin the next retreat, Consoling the Hear of Jesus, on Sept 17.

To get your group started contact:
Julie Musselman

I can offer you good advice and suggestions to start and lead your group and I have parish pricing for all the materials.

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