Monday, September 7, 2015

Ideas for Consecration Day

Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the Historic District of Milledgeville, GA
Thanks to Dan Smith of Sacred Heart parish in Milledgeville GA for these wonderful ideas for 33 Days to Morning Glory Consecration day:

First go to confession before or soon after making the consecration.   I encourage my groups to try to attend a mass together, to sit together and to remain after mass and pray their consecration prayer in silence.  Prior to the mass ask the priest to place the Miraculous Metals on the altar for a blessing and at the conclusion of mass, ask the priest to announce that "we have a few people who are making their consecration to Our Mother Mary today and I want to give them a special blessing."

The priest then blesses them and they go up and receive the Miraculous Metals and return to their seat to pray their consecration prayer.  I also encourage them to recite the consecration prayer they choose daily and to renew their consecration annually.

I am so happy you are making your consecration.  Be prepared for Mother Mary to change your life.

To Jesus through Mary,
God Bless
Dan Smith

Dan is also the webmaster for the parish:


St. Michael Catholic Church in Riley Ohio made their consecration and enjoyed these beautiful cakes afterwards.

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