Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sanctification Through Consecration- Ray Grieshaber

A young man from Cincinnati, Ohio attributes the Marian Consecration with helping him to grow in holiness. Below is his talk to the St. Gertrude "20s Group" delivered on March 19, 2015 the feast of St. Joseph. The talk is titled "Sanctification Through Consecration: The Secrets of Mary, St. Joseph and Holy Mother Church."

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Books Ray Mentions:
True Devotion to St. Joseph and the Church by Fr. Dominic De Domenico.
33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley

Recently Ray wrote:

"My life changed in an unexpected way when I completed my Marian Consecration on December 8, 2012 using Fr. Gaitley's wonderful book 33 Days to Morning Glory. 

I reverted to the Catholic faith a couple years prior after finishing college and was spending most of the time gaining a "head knowledge" grasp of the basics of the faith: learning the Our Father, studying the Catechism, and beginning to develop a prayer life. After completing the consecration, my life was..."overtaken" by Our Lady. My heart began to soften and mold much faster than before, and Our Blessed Mother became my constant companion through trials, joys, pain, and happiness. As she protected me and steered my spiritual life, I swiftly grew in love and devotion to Jesus; the Gospel message became true and real. 

If there are those who have yet to complete this wonderful consecration, I ask that they only give Mary a chance to shape their hearts for an ever greater love."

Ray Grieshaber
St. Gertrude 20s group

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