Monday, March 30, 2015

Alabama women's consecration bears immediate fruit

a recent email from Janet in Alabama~

"I consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary using Fr. Michael Gaitley's book 33 Days to Morning Glory on March 25, 2015. I prayed I was open to any and all Mary had for me.

Well I got a call out of the blue from a cousin. She wanted to ask me about the rosary and if we (Catholics) worshiped Mary. 

For the first time I feel I answered these question with out a struggle! I was confident and sure of the way I answered. 

She thanked me and said she understood what I was saying although being Baptist that's not what she had been told about Catholics. 

She then wanted to know if I would teach her how to say the rosary. Wow! I know Mary was speaking through me.

 I just wanted to thank you four gals for doing the podcast. I will be getting in touch later  

Your sister in Jesus through Mary,   

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