Thursday, August 14, 2014

Consecration Day at St. Bartholomew Church Wayzata MN

The members of the Rosary Society at St. Bartholomew loved the opportunity to reflect on Mary's God-given role in their lives and renewed their trust in her protection and intercession through the 33-Days to Morning Glory preparation program. Consecration day was simply fantastic, with Mass, hymns, and special blessings composed by our Pastor Fr. Mike for the Miraculous Medals and the participants. We had a nice reception afterwards with food and beverage.

From this event came a desire to honor Our Lady with a statue in the Chapel. After being granted permission to move forward, the participants donated money for the cause and we are in the process of ordering a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Grace to be installed in the Chapel soon.

Praise to God for our holy Mother, and praises to the 33-Days to Morning Glory Retreat Program led by Fr. Gaitely

--Andrew Allen, Director of Children and Adult Faith Formation


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