Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Parish consecration fills the church!

St John Fisher in Richmond ,Texas was filled to capacity with parishioners making the total consecration on April 16 of Holy Week this year.  Parish coordinator Theresa Morales took this picture, above, before the church even filled up!

The 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat was given over 6 weeks as the parish lenten "mission." The parish offered the group meetings at four different times in both English and Spanish.

To prepare for consecration and for Easter, Fr. Manuel de la Rosa-Lopez, the pastor, held confessions the Monday of Holy week, with 20 priests for 2 hours. Cardinal-Archbishop Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston was one of the priests hearing confessions.

Cardinall DiNardo

Theresa Morales testified,  "It was awesome!!! Fr. Manuel had the video translated into Spanish so everyone could participate. Our Blessed Mother used him mightily to encourage everyone to take part in using The 33 Days to Morning Glory as our Lenten retreat."

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