Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get ready for Summer with a 10 week study Wisdom and Works of Mercy by Fr. Michael Gaitley

Plan your Summer Small Group - 

Wisdom & Works of Mercy

Join Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, in a 10 week group study as he delves into the great key to wisdom: The Most Holy Trinity. Using his popular book The 'One Thing' is Three as a primary guide (and his DVD-based lessons, of course!) Fr. Gaitley shares:
  • fresh insights into the relevance of the Trinity to our daily lives
  • how the Trinity illuminates every aspect of our faith
  • how knowing and loving our Triune God allows us to live our faith to the fullest

This group also uses Fr. Michael Gaitley's brand new book 'You Did It to Me' - A practical Guide to Mercy in Action

Coordinator Kit
Start by getting your coordinator kit, $59.95. Then set your dates for June, July and August. and invite friends and family to your parish or home. The Coordinator kit includes everything in the participant packet (see below) as well as the DVD set and the Leader guide.
participant kit
Each person who joins the group will need the Participant Packet which includes the following 3 books:
  1. Wisdom and Works of Mercy: A Two-in-One Companion (group workbook)
  2. 'You Did It to Me': A Practical Guide to Mercy in Action
  3. The 'One Thing' Is Three: How the Holy Trinity Explains Everything
and also
  • Prayer Card with the Three Points of Communion
  • 10 Divine Mercy business card size prayer cards
  • CD with the "Farewell Discourse" from The Gospel According to John by St. Luke Productions
  • 8 1/2" x 11" full-color Three Points of Communion Certificate
  • Full-color bookmark with reading assignment
The participant kits for $39.95

Start planning your group today!
Allow 2 weeks before your start date when you place your orders.
I am happy to assist you with ideas and orders.
Julie Musselman
Just want a great summer read? Get a copy of the book, The 'One thing' is Three. CLICK HERE for the book, just $14.95

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