Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple Directions to get YOUR 33 Days Consecration Group Started

Guest Post by:
Xenia Maye
33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat Coordinator
Incarnation Catholic Church
Tampa FL

I am so EXCITED to hear that you want to start the Marian Consecration at your parish! So I am writing to help you get started.

Following is a simple checklist to help you prepare for the six-week group retreat based on the book by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, 33 Days to Morning Glory

1) Prayerfully find Small-group Leaders of 3-6 people who are passionate, faithful, and on fire to assist your parish on this ministry and assign responsibilities.

2) Decide on a Consecration Date that falls on a Marian Feast day. You will want to begin your weekly meetings about six weeks prior to your Consecration Day (click here for dates on when to begin your retreat). 

3) You will need the following materials. You can order it from Julie Musselman, she offers an incredible discount if you order for your parish. Her email is and her phone number is: 727-709-8649

a. 33 Days to Morning Glory book 
b. Retreat Companion 
c. Retreat Coordinator’s Guide (for Coordinators only) that includes the DVD Talks by Fr. Michael Gaitley (to be played on the weekly meetings)

4) Promote and Advertise. Your core team will start advertising in your bulletin 4 weeks prior to your start date, on your website, with flyers and posters, answering phone inquiries, and most importantly, with your core team, begin talking about your retreat or short announcements before or after masses.

5) Hold a registration weekend with sign-up after Masses 

I will be praying for you and parish for this ministry! Blessed Mother, pray for us!

God bless you.

To Jesus Through Mary,
Xenia Maye

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