Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fr. Gaitley hosts Divine Mercy Sunday at the National Shrine

Tune into EWTN at noon eastern this Sunday April 27, 2014
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Fr. Gaitley's new book "You Did It To Me" will be available soon. It is the second part of Stage 2 of the Hearts Afire Parish Program (HAPP.) See story below.

Stage 1: the Two Hearts
33 Days to Morning Glory
Consoling the Heart of Jesus

Stage 2: Wisdom and Works of Mercy
The One Thing is Three-DVDs/Workbooks available April 28
You Did It To Me-book has been finished will be available soon for ordering

Stage 3: Keeping the Hearts afire

On Divine Mercy Sunday, Wisdom and Works of Mercy


Fr. Gaitley's Consoling the Heart of JesusWhen NASA launches spacecraft, each ship is boosted by several stages of rockets in order to "slip the surly bonds of earth ... and touch ... the face of God," as the poem "High Flight" has it. Well, the Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs (HAPP) from the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception aim to launch people from where they're at swiftly and surely along the path to sanctification — along the path to God. In order to shoot participants into the highest reaches of holiness, there are three stages to the program. The first stage of the program, "The Two Hearts," leads participants to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 33 Days to Morning Glory. The second portion of the first stage then helps us love Jesus as Mary does in Consoling the Heart of Jesus.

During the Divine Mercy Sunday broadcast from Eden Hill on EWTN on April 27, the Marians will launch "Wisdom and Works of Mercy," the second stage of the HAPP group studies. The broadcast begins at noon (EST). 

"Wisdom and Works of Mercy" is a complete course of faith formation, presenting both an overview of Catholic theology and the practical ways to apply these teachings so that group members take the faith from their heads to their hearts, and then into their lives.

Participants read The 'One Thing' is Three: How the Most Holy Trinity Explains Everything, meet weekly for 10 sessions, watch DVD presentations, and take part in small faith-sharing groups. Then they spend up to a month reading 'You Did It to Me': A Practical Guide to Mercy in Action, which gives them concrete ways to live out the Catholic faith and guides them through the works of mercy, clearly organized according to the five Scriptural categories. Then the participants gather together again with their fellow group members to discuss what they collectively can do to live the theology they've learned.
Fr. Gaitley's book: The "One Thing" is Three now available
The books and their accompanying group studies have been well received. "I have learned so much yet I feel I have barely touched the surface of our Catholic faith," said Rose Mary A., a participant in the second stage pilot program. "I would so enjoy doing the study several times, as there is so much to absorb. I feel very blessed to have been able to do The 'One Thing' Is Three study."

"This study really made my participation at Mass more meaningful," said Kathy K. "I feel so much more connected to the sacrifice — that my joys, struggles, and worries have meaning especially when offered with Jesus to the Father, united with the Holy Spirit."

"This study has changed how I see, not only myself, but also others as members of the Body of Christ," said Patty E. 

As Peter Kreeft noted in his endorsement of The 'One Thing' Is Three, "Imagine John Paul II writing a book on all the mysteries of Catholic theology in a simpler style than he ever used before. You've imagined this book." 

The topics covered are vast: deification, humanity's role as priests on behalf of the cosmos, our communion with the life of the Trinity through Jesus, and more, yet all presented in an extremely conversational tone.

"You Did It to Me' shows us how to extend the mercy we have received," said Sr. Ann Shields, SGL, of Renewal Ministries based out of Ann Arbor, Mich. "The spiritual wisdom and inspiration in this book will lead the reader into a much deeper understanding of the Heart of God. Its workbook style will help us to apply the teaching concretely and, let's hope, make us fruitful stewards of the mercy that flows from the Heart of God. I highly recommend it!"

The last stage of the program, "Keeping the Hearts Afire," is the stage of ongoing formation. After having completed the group studies of 33 Days to Morning Glory, Consoling the Heart of Jesus,The 'One Thing' Is Three, and 'You Did It to Me'; undertaken works of mercy; and being formally recognized by the Association of Marian Helpers, your group will probably want to continue to meet together and grow in your faith. At this point, the friendly staff of our Evangelization Office will be able to recommend a wide range of further group studies that will suit the desires and needs of your group such as Scripture study, gift discernment, thematic studies, and much more. More on that to come.

In the meantime, get on board the good ship HAPP, and let yourself be launched toward the life and the love of God.

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