Thursday, April 10, 2014

7 Canadians comment on what their consecration means to them

Testimonies of participants in 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat in Ontario, Canada

Guest Post from: Dennis and Angelina Girard, Marian Specialists in Ontario, Canada
Angelina and Dennis run the website:

Dennis and Angelina Girard
Lucy: started going to frequent weekday masses after never having gone before. She also went to confession, which had been a long time since her previous one. She is also saying the rosary daily. Her husband , who is an irregular church goer, suggested attending mass at St. Pats before going to afternoon plays on Sunday. She says this is all from the book.

Louise: Initially she declined the book, but called me back at 10:00 pm to say she had changed her mind so I gave her one. A few days later she rang me to say that a huge family problem, which had been ongoing for some time, had been peacefully resolved. Her comment...It's the Book!!!

Lola: A friend from church. She had ordered a book from an acquaintance which was due to arrive after the beginning of the Consecration.I just happened to have a book with me at church the day before the Retreat so I gave it to her so she could begin on time and suggested that she give away the book which she had ordered.Two days later she attended a funeral at St. Isidore's church which had a huge poster displayed at the back of the church about the 33 Days.  She felt it was a sign that she was on the right path.

Marg: My sister in London, Ontario  had never heard of the book , but was interested in doing the consecration. She will begin her retreat on May 10, 2014. She and her husband were recently away on a cruise, and walked into a church to go to mass in the Florida Keys where again a huge poster of the 33Days was at the back of the church. She said it was a sign for her. She recently saw Fr Gaitley interviewed on EWTN and was impressed. She is eager to begin.

Jennifer: Has experienced more peace in her family and credits it to her consecration.

Estelle: Will be going on pilgrimage to Lourdes early July with family. She will make her consecration there, even though it will not coincide with a Marian feast day. How special will that be!

Marie: I have more peace concerning my marital situation, which will be resolved according to the will of The Lord and unlimited help of our Blessed Mother. I have a new-found love and dedication to the Rosary, which I say every day and have for a few years now. As I was away in Florida at the time of my consecration and could not get to church,  I am redoing it starting on Thursday.
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