Friday, March 21, 2014

St John Fisher offering parish wide consecration

Fr. Manuel LaRosa Lopez is leading his parish through 33 Days to Morning Glory in a BIG WAY.

As the focus for Lent, St. John Fisher parish in Richmond, Texas bought 500 copies of 33 Days to Morning Glory to give away to every parish family.  300 people are actively coming to the DVD presentations that are offered FOUR times a week at the parish hall. Fr. Lopez is personally leading all four of the meetings. Additionally, other groups are meeting in peoples' homes.

Parish-wide Consecration is to be Wednesday of Holy Week following a penitential service Monday night of Holy Week.

Groups are in both Spanish and English. One parishioner has even  translated the DVDs into Spanish. So while they play the video of Fr. Gaitley, the voice of the parishioner in Spanish is used as the audio.

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