Thursday, August 2, 2012

St Raphael Catholic Church in St. Petersburg starts Consecration Group

This book, 33 Days to Morning Glory,  is an amazing "read" as well as tool for consecration to Jesus through Mary, whether you read alone, with your spouse, a friend or in a group. In addition to being a great "read", through the consecration, it is a powerful life changing experience.

After talking to our parish priest about the idea, our group at St. Raphael Catholic Church in St. Petersburg started with a simple email. 

I sent out a description of the book to some of my friends, told them that a group was starting and gave details on how to get a copy of the book. (We have the book available at our Lighthouse Catholic Media kiosk in the narthex of the church.)

I set up a date mid-way through the 33 days and invited all to come and discuss the book. I also set up the Consecration day, with the simple directions that we would all attend the regular morning mass and then meet at the tabernacle to consecrate together afterward.

We had 80 books go out to people in our parish and 35 people specifically emailed me to say they want to be part of the discussion group. Aug 24 about 20 readers showed up for coffee and holy conversation.

Sept 8, 2012 our St. Raphael Catholic Church group consecrated to Jesus through Mary, after the 8 am mass for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated by our pastor, Fr. Tim Sherwood. Praise be Jesus Christ for the gift of Mary and this beautiful consecration!

Those consecrated: Jeanette Abramo, Terry Hamm, Cheri Mainetti, Addys Sasserath, Ursula Abner, Susan Ugan, Mary Stoff, Debby Reidy, Celeste Brown, Carol Irwin, Van Rourke, Lynn Denson, Marja Beaufait, Lisa Richard, Julie Musselman, Michelle Mosely, Denise Debord, Joan Grayson, Maggie Moren, Bernadette Bailey, Louise Barrett, Susan O'Gara 

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