Monday, August 6, 2012

Introduction to 33 Days to Morning Glory

ST. LOUIS DE MONTFORTAs I read through the introduction of this inspiring book, my heart burned as I read that the True Devotion to Mary is a "short, easy, secure and perfect" way to become a saint. (pg 21)

God has placed in each of our hearts the desire to be a saint, but often we really just don't how to go about becoming one. So here is way to become a saint. But not just any old way, but a "short, easy, secure and perfect" way.

Fr. Gaitley continues on pg 22 that "In times of unprecedented evil, God wants to give unprecedented grace. For, as St. Paul wrote, 'Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more' (Rom. 5:20.)" And I don't think any one would disagree that we live in a time of unprecedented evil.

So today starts the consecration. I am happy to have you along for the journey!
- Julie Musselman

For me, it is always exciting/humbling to participate in something that brings us closer to Mary. She has a  wonderful mission- to bring us closer to her Son (through Mary to Jesus). Walking with Mary is an amazing way to get closer to her Son, our Lord.
So, thanks, dear sisters in Christ for this time to journey together on the road to holiness. It was so cool to read that is what we are doing and that holiness is obtainable and desirable for all of us. "God wants to form saints from the little souls".
- Louise Barrett

The introduction section was like Fr. Michael was in my head!!! He expressed all of my sentiments about the Monfort Consecration. I made my St Louis de Monfort consecration initially in 2003 and have renewed it every year since, and still I don't quite understand how to live my life consecrated to Jesus through Mary. I know I have been reciting a long list of prayers and reading excerpts from de Monfort's book, but it didn't completely understand exactly what I was doing. The book seemed to jump around a lot  from scripture to excerpts from his book and other things. 

I now have some renewed hope that maybe through 33 Days to Morning Glory I will be better equipped to live out this consecration. I'm looking forward to it and praying that we all have the fire to complete the 33 days!
-Lynn Denson

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