Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 8 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Today we change our focus from the life and writings of St. Louis de Montfort to that of St. Maximilian Kolbe. I loved reading his biography and knowing that his mother once said of him "what will become of you?" It shows that God has great plans for all of us!

Fr. Gaitley writes of him "the great passion of his life was to get to know the mystery of Mary." (pg 49) So I am looking forward to learning more about him this week and his consecration to the Immaculata. And I am every excited that by God's divine plan, from all eternity, we are reading about St. Maximilian this week as his feast day is tomorrow, August 14.

--Julie Musselman

I do like the book and it is very interesting.  I just had to catch up a couple of days, but am back on track.
I started reading de Montfort's True Devotion a couple of weeks ago.  I was having a problem reading it because it seemed de Montfort was actually placing Mary above God.  After speaking to two different priests and actually reading the 33 Days I have "calmed down" a bit.
This book reminds me of how I felt reading some of my books for LPMI.  It's great, but challenging at the same time.  Challenging is good because it makes me feel uncomfortable and at times will tug at my faith, but it also makes me work through that to strengthen and deepen my faith.  It also opens up a dialogue with my priests and other devoted friends and parishioners.
This next statement may make some people uncomfortable or think that I am just crazy, but it's true (the statement, not that I am crazy :) ).  Since I was a little girl I have had instances of an evil presence while trying to go to sleep.  It didn't happen that often until I really started getting into and living my faith. It is a disturbing presence where I feel like something is hovering right above me and it paralyzes me with fear.  I am never touched by anything and I don't see anything, but the fear and the presence are very real.  It usually lasts around 3 hours or so.  I pray and pray, but often lose my train of thought and have to keep going back to the beginning of the prayer (Hail Mary's and Our Father's).  I find that when I start praying more, like with the 12 Hours of Prayer, I usually get a "visit" or there are many "road blocks" thrown in my way to try to discourage me.  I had it happen when I started reading this book.  It was a little different this time because I didn't have the feeling of something hovering over me but I had the most violent and disturbing thoughts and I kept getting increasingly angry.  I felt these thoughts were placed there, because they just came in out of nowhere and took over. It was like Satan put them there and said, look what I can do to you.  It took me a while but I finally prayed enough to get it to stop so I could sleep around 4:30 in the morning.  It lasted for about 2 days and thankfully hasn't been back.  That is how I know this book is powerful.  Satan does not like us to be strong in our faith and we all know what the Blessed Virgin Mary can do to him.

I too have trouble with the writer’s approach -  It sometime just flies all over me but I am being persistent and will finish but I think I am disappointed in the book – I have gone to Friends of the Cross and the original True Devotion to be sure I remember Montfort’s writings.

Cheri needs to go to St. Michael and he will help during the night – also, I have learned, through many a sleepless night, that I apparently need to be praying (don’t know for who, what or where) but just praying and when sleep comes again my job is done for that minute.


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