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Day 6 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Should we really give Mary Everything? (part two)

Fr. Gaitley must surely know that we may have some hesitancy in giving everything to Mary, so he covers the topic for a second day. What stood out to me about today's message is the gentle rebuke from St. Louis de Montfort "this objection, which comes from self-love and ignorance of the generosity of God and His holy mother refutes itself."

How great do we think we are! That our ways are better than God's or His Mother's.

Today I am contemplating the great amount of self-love I have and begging Mary to help me be more like her.

I talked to Adela Vidal today. She told me that she is limited in what she can do physically but she is so happy to be reading along with 33 Days to Morning Glory with many of us from St. Raphaels.

"I am a fervent lover of the Blessed Mother already. There is not enough that we can do to learn about her and lover her."
--Adela Vidal

Ok, Julie, you have to help me with this.  I'm having a hard time with this book starting especially with Day 5.  I'm sure it's just my own ignorance, but how can de Montfort know how Mary distributes prayer and isn't this just too much emphasis on praying to Mary?  I just feel uncomfortable even reading the book. I think I need some actual Bible verses that correspond to the thoughts in this book.
--St. Raphael 33 Days to Morning Glory Reader
I don't know if I can adequately answer , but here goes:

No it is not ignorance, I think it is a whole different way of thinking. When I first did the little brown book by St. Louis de Montfort to consecrate, I wondered a lot about if this was just too much emphasis on Mary. Over time, I see the proper place for Mary and I have personally come to love her, trust her and want to be even closer to her. So maybe you just need to give yourself some time (maybe weeks/months/years) to contemplate and more fully understand. In the meantime are some observations:

In the intro, one of the comments Fr. Gaitley makes is that whenever the book says "to Mary"  it always means "to Jesus through Mary." So maybe it is the shorten language that is tripping you up. If you see "to Mary"  be sure in your head to say "to Jesus through Mary." Keep in mind, Jesus is God, we are praying to Him, through Mary. Just like our prayer group asks us to pray for them to Jesus. Mary and we are both intercessors.

We don't exactly know how Mary distributes our prayers, it is certainly part of the mystery of faith. But it is reasonable that she can and does. An overall point that helps me a lot is that Jesus came into the world through the womb of Mary. Jesus was totally and utterly dependent on her for food, clothing, protection. He learned the Jewish faith from her and how to do chores/work. (Along with St Joseph of course)  So in the mystery of the Incarnation, God became Man through Mary. 

If that was the way that God came (and He's God, so He could have come to earth at any time, in any place, as a full grown adult, as some kind of superhuman etc) Then, we are completely safe to go to Mary and utterly depend on her. She is completely trustworthy. Since she was conceived without sin (through the merits of Christ) she can't lead us astray.

There is so little in scripture about Mary, so I don't know that I can give scriptures to completely "prove" this devotion to Mary. But in scripture (and always) Mary doesn't want any glory for herself, she doesn't say "hey look at me, I am the mother of the messiah,' She always point us to her son.
Two scriptures that come to mind:
1.At the Wedding Feast of Cana in St John's gospel chpt 2:1-11, she tells the waiters and us "Do Whatever He Tells You."  Again she Always point us to her son.

2. Dying on the cross, John 19:25-27 Jesus gives his mother to the beloved disciple (meaning immediately to St. John and forever afterward to us.) So His mother is now ours. She will take care of us, we are her children.

My advice is to keep reading.   Underline things that don't make sense to you. Write your questions in the margins of the book. Email me and the group any questions you have. Save the questions that aren't answered to your satisfaction and when we meet on the 24th, we can gather them and ask Fr. Dominic. Pray about them. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten your mind. Trust. 

Go back to day 2 where it lists all the popes who approve and recommend consecration to Jesus through Mary (several of them are saints and blesseds!) They won't lead  us astray either!

--Julie Musselman

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