Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 4 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

DeMontfort's Consecration (part two)

Mary and JesusToday Fr. Gaitley recommends we consider why we should give ourselves entirely to Mary. I think this is an excellent question to ponder and really is the heart of what we are doing in reading this book.

In non-Catholic traditions, there is a great emphasis on Jesus alone. And in fact, I think many non-Catholics think Catholics have too much emphasis on Mary or that we even worship her. (We do not, we honor her, just as Jesus did/does.)

The answer that Fr. Gaitley shares as to 'should I give myself entirely to Mary?' is very simple. Yes, because Jesus did. Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, could have come into the world in any way He liked, at any time in history. Yet He chose to be born of Mary, raised by Mary, loved by Mary. Wow.

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